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November 10, 2007

Exodus, The Atrocity Exhibition (Exhibit A)

Holy shit! I just bought this today. Exodus, more than any other Bay Area thrash metal band, has stayed true to the school. This thing is a prolonged punch in the nuts. I had the opportunity to see these guys a couple years ago on their Shovel Headed Kill Machine tour. Kick ass show. Metallica is shit. Megadeth is meh. Testament has a new one coming out next spring, so the jury is out (but I have faith in those guys).

Exodus seems only to have improved. they showed this a few years ago when they released Tempo of the Damned. they stuck with the "guitars fucking rule" method of metal music. Both Tempo and this new one are reminiscent of Force of Habit, which was released in 1992. I make this declaration: Killsuck En-Blow, Seven-Up, Avenged Seventeen, Lame of Dog, are shite compared to Exodus. Give it a listen. You want balls-deep metal with guitar virtuosity, Exodus is your band. I'll throw props to Shadows Fall and Trivium. They have the chops to keep up.

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