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September 11, 2007

A Brief Word About 9-11

Six years ago everythig changed. Plenty has been written about this day. Maybe some day I'll be able to get throught his dark anniversary with some ease, but six years in I still hate this day. Work was lame, I was distracted, easily irritated, and could barely look at my co-workers without contempt. Perhaps it's a defense mechanism, a need to avoid touching the painful memories, but that might be a little charitable. The group I work with is far too similar to other groups I've worked with; to use an apt Mike Straka word, they are Oblivions. Truly.

Watching United 93 might have served only to aggravate the pain, but I really believe it needed to be done. It's a powerful balm in some ways, to remember that Americans are unusually tenacious, once the cobwebs are blown away. We've enjoyed six years of relative security at home, certainly more than I ever dared hope six years ago. Something bad may happen again. To use an old axiom, we need to be right all the time, the terrorists need only be right once.

A good part of that is the fact that our Soldiers and Marines are fighting hajji in the Middle East rather than here.

Make no mistake. Iraq is as much a part of the larger war as Afhgnaistan is. And these are only two battlefields in a war that may well take a decade or two to finish. I pray we have the resolve. But given the petty pissing and moaning I've heard for four years from certain distinguished political figures, resolve is often tenuous.

Patraeus/Coulter 2012.

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1 Mikey - I'm hoisting a whiskey tonight, thanks for reminding me today. And the best to you on this sad day. Enjoy your comments immensely at IMAO! -Jim

Posted by: Jimmy at September 11, 2007 09:22 PM (o6n7W)




Sorry so late in responding. This little blog thing is sporadic for me right now. I'm just not as motivated as Frank J and Rachel Lucas and other folks more hilarious than I.

Posted by: mikey at September 14, 2007 09:11 PM (TnNZK)

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